If you are also in a dilemma if learning photography will be worth it or not, here is an article on why should you learn photography? that might help you decide if this is something for you, or not.

As technology advances, learning the art is a never-ending task.

There is no such thing as a ‘shortcut’ for a promising photography career. Hard-won experience and technique will help you break into the competitive photography job market. Some of the knowledge comes from practice, while others come from professional courses, workshops, and other photographers you meet.

If photography is more than just a hobby for you, mentioning below some reasons that can help you decide if you should learn photography professionally:

Established curriculum to enhance your skills:

Going to a photography school will allow you to learn a wide range of skills in a systematic, step-by-step manner. Photography schools can offer instruction that goes beyond the fundamentals of photography. The established curriculum of the photography institute, will help you gain skills and sharpen them to build a career out of your hobby. Consider enrolling in a program that also allows you to learn about the business side of photography.

Learn from professionals to become a professional:

Teachers at photography institutes have outstanding qualifications, that can help the students evolve into professional photographers.

At Praveen Bhat Academy, we offer guest lectures by top-class professionals in the field of photography, which means you’ll be able to learn from their real-world guidance and advice. What’s better than learning photography from the ones who have made their career out of it?

Practical exposure and network:

At photography institutes, you get a chance to experience practical exposure to the subject from industry experts. It won’t only let you explore photography as a subject but also is an excellent way to start networking in your respective field.

Explore Niche:

At a photography institute, you get to learn various types of photography. From still photography to fashion, product, and many more. This will help you explore various niches in the world of photography and choose the best one for you. Exploring a niche is as important as choosing photography as a career, you should know it all but should be an expert in one specific niche, this is what will help you grow as a ‘brand’.

Learn from Basics to Pro:

No matter what you do, it is important to clear your basics of the subject first. The same is in the case of photography, it is essential to learn from the ones who can clear all your basics of photography and so that you can easily dig into the world of photography and learn so much more without much confusion. Not just basics! in photography institutes, you also get the knowledge of different photography equipments, and how can you use them for becoming a pro at photography.

Wow! You made it till here? woohoo! you are a true photography enthusiast. Don’t wait anymore! Enroll for a photography course right away and take your first step towards living your dreams!


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