Photography courses near me

Many youngsters think of taking up photography as a career. With the advancements in technology and photography equipment being readily available, a career in photography is a good choice. While the foremost requirement for this is your innate set of skills and creativity along with smartness and Hard-work; getting enrolled to a photography institute is a good option.

Photography Courses Near Me

Looking for a photography course near me? Praveen Bhat Institute of photography in Noida and Delhi is a benchmark name in the field of photography training. Join the institute to get the right push towards your dream career. Under the expert guidance of top fashion photographer Praveen Bhat , the institute offers vast range of courses.

The institute runs with a clear vision to impart high-quality knowledge and training to raw aspirants. Emphasis is laid on practical training rather than old school classroom learning.

Courses are designed meticulously to be comprehensive, creative and innovative. At our state of the art institute learning is initiated by direct personal discovery.

The Praveen Bhat Institute of photography has a well-trained staff and experienced faculty who toil-hard to give you a broad understanding of the subject.

Photography Courses Near Me

Here is a list of popular certificate courses offered by the Institute –

Fashion photography– This is a well crafted one month course for jewellery photography with models, portrait photography, beauty and hair photography and more.

Modelling photography- This is a brush up one week course on portfolio photography – creating modelling portfolios, styling models et cetera.

Beauty, hair and a portrait photography– This is a one week course for aspirants planning to go for portrait photography and beauty care.

Jewellery photography– One week jewellery photography course at Praveen Bhat Institute of photography Equips you with the skill of shooting jewellery on models using make up and hair style.

Best Photography Courses Near Me

Apart from this a 10 day e- commerce photography certificate course, and wedding and pre- wedding photography course are the popular courses available. Latest addition to the list is online photography course to keep up with the present hard times.

Students can also opt for the comprehensive photography courses which include –

Basic photography course- A four week course to get basic know-how of photography, equipment, lights, camera settings and more. Advance photography course- For aspiring photographers who seriously want to take up photography as their career, a two month advance course from Praveen Bhat Institute is an asset. Getting through and through knowledge of various arenas of photography to equip you well for future career goals.

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