Photography is an art of capturing a moment with all its emotions and a quality photograph is the true mirror of a photographer’s creativity…Are you planning to take up Photography course in Delhi ?

Photography Course In Delhi

For all the freshmen photographers who are planning to take up photography as a career, a training course in Praveen Bhat Institute of photography gives you the right push forward towards your dream career.A benchmark name in photography training, the institute equips you with right skills to strike gold in this industry.

Standing tall under the expert guidance of the top fashion photographer Praveen Bhat,Institute offers best photography courses in Delhi and vows to be among the best photography institutes in India.

With a clear vision to impart high-quality knowledge and training to the raw aspirants, the institute offers an array of photography courses, emphasising on practical training rather than just conventional classroom learning.

Practical exposure being the key feature, industry experts impart knowledge about camera operations and photography industry. The students get hands on experience in various types of photography.

The Praveen Bhat photography course in Delhi includes how to take photographs that tell a story, how to select the right gear, how to click formals, candid, stills and much more. Studio photography, photo editing and lighting are also a part of the curriculum the students get to explore various types of equipments to gain practical knowledge.

In state of the art photography studios, students get to learn different forms of photography like fashion, wedding, product etc.

Various photography courses and workshops are designed specially to inspire students to be more creative and innovative.

Students also get to attend a regular masterclass with fashion photographer Praveen Bhat himself. At Praveen Bhat photography course we promise learning by direct personal discovery.

At Praveen Bhat photography Institute, we believe that learning is a continuous process and so, a photography course in Delhi will impart knowledge and training much required to carve your niche in the world of photography.

The institute boasts of a team of courteous staff members along with the experience and expertise of our deemed faculty. They together build a platform to give you a broad understanding of the art of photography. In short a perfect launchpad for your career!

Looking for good photography courses near you?! 

Here is a sneak peek into the popular courses offered by the best photography Institute in Delhi –

  • Basic photography course – This is a four week course which helps you gain a better insight into photography, the equipments, camera setting, lights and other basics involved in photography.
  • Basic+Advance Photography course – If you are really serious about a career in photography, this is the course to bank upon. With this 2 month course we aim to turn amateur students into professional photographers. A deep insight into various arenas of photography learning and a through and through knowledge of each subject prepares you well for your future.
  • Online photography course( Soon to launch)- With the world shrinking down virtually to a laptop, Praveen Bhat courses plan to extend their services to the comfort of your drawing room. We have designed digital Photography courses for all levels of photographers who want to improve their skills and have a complete understanding of the subject.

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