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Photography as a Career & Types of Photography

Photography Career in India | Types of Photography | Career options Ace Fashion photographer Praveen Bhat explains different photography options that one can choose as a career in the below video. Here is the complete list of Photography: Fashion Photography Event Photography Automobiles Photography Industrial Photography Photojournalist Product Photography Wildlife Photography Sports Photography Wedding Photography

Invest in the right lens for your camera

A lens captures more than what we can imagine and for a good quality image, it is important to invest in the high quality lens. If you already own a decent body, invest in great optics for higher resolution and clarity of content. The biggest trouble lies in deciding which DSLR to buy for your […]

Beginner’s Guide to Understand Lens Structure

A camera lens is a distinguished combination of various glasses including Concave, Convex, Concavo-Convex etc. which helps to bring in the focus of image better and helps you to adjust the focus accordingly. “Aperture” enables you to function the clarity of the content and control the device. Lens specification: It is a vital part of […]